Kelly Grossman Architects is a fully-staffed architectural firm.  We provide a wide range of services on each project including Design, Land Planning, Landscape Design, and Construction Administration. We have two Principals who are involved with every aspect of the project from the initial Concept Phase through the Construction Administration Phase.


The Crescent - Austin, TX

Water Marq - Austin, TX

Barley & Bean - Austin, TX

Design Process & Philosophy:

A fundamental corner stone of a successful project is the design process. Crucial decisions are made at several stages of the process by various key participants. These participants include the client, the architect, and the various engineers and consultants.

At Kelly Grossman Architects, we will assist in assessing what the key issues are and their hierarchical relationships to each other, and then in turn, present possible design solutions and concepts.


An essential element of the design process is useful, clear and timely communication. The exchange of information at the appropriate intervals throughout the process between all of the key participants is crucial to meeting design goals and deadlines. Effective use of technology has made communication and the exchange of documents and information quick and simple. With a pool of information readily available and accessible to all of the key participants, potential problems are recognized earlier in the process, uncertainty is reduced, and errors are avoided.

Design Process Phases:

  • Schematic Design

In this phase, the architect will first endeavor to gain a thorough understanding of the user's needs, constraints, and goals in order to develop a successful overall design solution. Many of these needs and constraints may not be initially obvious, so the development and exploration of a detailed program is essential at this point in the process. This is the phase where it will be the least costly and time consuming for all the key participants to uncover and address ambiguous constraints and needs, as well as find solutions for potential site specific problems.

  • Design Development

During design development, the focus shifts from the overall picture to the specifics of each space. The concepts and solutions reached in the schematic phase will be fleshed out during design development. The structural and mechanical systems will be integrated cohesively into the design during this stage and revisions to any and all systems and elements will be made at this time. At the conclusion of this phase final plans will be sent to the various consultants so that they may begin their construction documents.

  • Permitting

Once a completed set of all working drawings and specifications has been compiled from the architect and all of the consultants, the architect will assist in acquiring the necessary permits and approvals from the municipality or county where the design is to be constructed.

  • Construction

In this final phase, the construction administration team at Kelly Grossman Architects will visit the site once a month to review the progress and assist the contractor. The construction administration team will also answer questions, review submittal and shop drawings, and review monthly certificates of payment as submitted by the contractor.